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      Unofficial Home of the WFD Local 1339
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      Latest Photo Galleries:
      Shane Shifflett - White Sands Missle Range FD, NM 7 Photos
      Menachem Karolitzky - WaterburyBlog.com 20 Photos
      Kevin Czarzasty - Northwest CT 5 Photos
      Phillip Townsend - LODD Memorial Gallery 20 Photos
      Robert Stoeckert - Waterbury FD 8 Photos
      Waterville Firehouse Paver Ramp Installation 18 Photos
      Jeff Triepke - 2007 CT United Ride 15 Photos

      My Photo Galleries:

      My First Waterbury Fire Department Gallery 11 Photos
      WFD Firehouses 11 Photos
      WFD Blood Drive 12/28/00 8 Photos
      WFD Blood Drive 7/26/01 11 Photos
      WFD Press 55 Photos
      WFD Apparatus 11 Photos
      WFD Maze and Rope Slide Training 14 Photos
      WFD Local 1339 Awards Banquet 2000 & 2001 13 Photos
      WFD and WPD New York Relief 9/22/01 14 Photos
      Latex Foam Products Fire - Ansonia, CT 9 Photos
      Civic Center Fire - Hartford, CT 5 Photos
      108th Tunxis Hose Co. Fireman's Parade 22 Photos
      Interesting Apparatus 4 Photos
      Waterbury Union Labor Workers Rally 9/9/01 20 Photos
      Holiday Oversight Meeting & Silent Protest 17 Photos
      Truck 1 Extrication Training 2/26/02 7 Photos
      Extrication Photos 24 Photos
      Oakville Ave Fire 3/21/02 11 Photos
      T1 E10 Public Education 4/15/02 6 Photos
      Memorial Monuments 8 Photos
      Willow Street Fire 4/26/02 10 Photos
      2002 Waterbury Memorial Service 28 Photos
      Extrication Training Multi-Company 5/20/02 11 Photos
      John Izzi Benefit Party 5/25/02 13 Photos
      Waterbury 2002 Relay for Life 6/8/02 10 Photos
      Howard Hughes and Eddie Rivera Festival 2002 11 Photos
      WFD Tree versus House 8/11/02 6 Photos
      WFD Tree versus Car 8/31/02 11 Photos
      Waterbury 9/11/02 Memorial 10 Photos
      2002 WFD Local 1339 Awards Dinner 5 Photos
      WFD High Street Fire 9/28/02 10 Photos
      WFD SCOTT Training 9/6/02 15 Photos
      WFD Transformer Fire 9/6/02 8 Photos
      T1 E10 Public Education 10/10/02 12 Photos
      WFD Bond Radio Fire 10/31/02 20 Photos
      WFD West Clay Street Fire 3/28/03 9 Photos
      WFD Blue Star Ceremony 5/4/03 9 Photos
      9/11/01 Tributes Gallery - United We Stand
      21 Photos
      World Trade Center - Photos from Ground Zero 16 Photos
      New York Subways - Photos Underground Zero 15 Photos
      Waterbury Candlelight Vigil 10/11/01 10 Photos
      Armpatch Gallery
      Armpatches for Sale Gallery
      1 Armpatch
      Helmet Gallery 29 Helmets
      Helmet Shield Gallery 52 Shields
      Slop Sail 2001 Gallery
      16 Photos
      Harley Davidson Firefighter Special Edition 2 Photos
      FireFightingLinks Van Graphics Installation 16 Photos

      Memorial Photo Galleries:
      Kevin McDonald Waterbury Fire Dept. - CT 48 Photos
      Bill Ellison Anderson Township Fire Dept. - OH 5 Photos
      FDNY Fathers Day Tragedy 17 Photos
      FDNY Christian Regenhard Memorial Service 10 Photos
      20th Annual National Fallen
        Firefighter Memorial Tribute
      20 Photos
      James Taylor Blossum Vol. Fire Dept. - TX 3 Photos

      Photo Galleries Courtesy of:
      Connecticut Firefighters Pipes & Drums 8 Photos
      Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums Raffle 7 Photos
      Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums 10th Anniversary 19 Photos
      Milford Muster 9/8/01 CTFFP and D Raffle 6 Photos
      Danny Barlogio Gallery 14 Photos
      Corey Nevins - Hilton Head FD, SC 6 Photos
      Jason Mumbach - CT FFs Pipes & Drums Photos 10 Photos
      Jerry Buner - Orange County, NY 143 Photos
      Tom Rige - Retired NYPD & Fire Buff 75 Photos
      Ryan Dunn - Meriden Fire Dept, CT 4 Photos
      Peter Flair - Smithtown, NY 1 Photo
      Arthur Caissie - Chelsea, MA 3 Photos
      Rob Stiles - Baden, Ontario 4 Photos
      Christian Lewalter - Graevenwiesbach, Germany 51 Photos
      Krista Leary - West York, PA 56 Photos
      Bob Lyman - Tolland, CT 4 Photos
      Paul Reed - Retired Federal FF of VA 6 Photos
      Ken Kane - Firetrucks of Hudson Valley, NY 20 Photos
      North Franklin Twp VFC of Washington, PA 2 Photos
      Robert Miller - Jefferson City FD, TN 34 Photos
      Wayne Tomblinson - www.AmazingFirePhotos.com 68 Photos
      Shane Shifflett 1 - White Sands Missle Range FD, NM 100 Photos
      Shane Shifflett 2 - White Sands Missle Range FD, NM 52 Photos
      Ron Graves - Bladensburg FD, MD (with Incident Report) 13 Photos
      Pete Kazlauskas - Tisbury FD, MA 3 Photos
      Matt Bower - Nassau County, NY Volunteer 9 Photos
      Brett Hill - National Firefighters 9-11 Memorial Patch 12 Photos
      K.C. Rist - Orange County, N.Y. 62 Photos
      David Weimer - Coldenham FD, N.Y. 30 Photos
      Dan Hasenauer - Hilton FD, N.Y. 16 Photos
      Dave Sikes - Lost Acres FD - Granby, CT 8 Photos
      Jon Hanks - Orange County, NY 1st Battalion 13 Photos
      Greg Condit - Ronkonkoma, NY 11 Photos
      William Craft - South Media, PA 6 Photos
      Mike Granoth - Wolcott, CT (AMR Paramedic) 5 Photos
      Tom Finnegan - Jefferson Township, NJ 24 Photos

      Photo Galleries Courtesy of Waterbury FireFighters:
      Jim Burns 58 Photos
      Jim Burns - Lithuanian Club Fire 10/25/03 6 Photos
      Rich Paltauf 5 Photos
      Elac Aviles 27 Photos
      Francis McDonald (Retired) 4 Photos
      Dan Chieffo 20 Photos
      Dave Shatas 13 Photos
      Jeff Triepke 5 Photos
      Steve Venziano (Rescue Hazmat 9 Gallery) 7 Photos
      Pat Maloney 15 Photos
      Joe Bochicchio 4 Photos
      Jason Emery 14 Photos
      Ralph Leone 16 Photos
      James Trainor (NYC Rescue Relief Donations) 16 Photos
      Tom Duff 5 Photos
      Howard Osorio 5 Photos
      James Trainor (Seagrave Factory) 53 Photos
      Al Valerioti 4 Photos
      Chris Casey (Fire Commissioner) 43 Photos
      Steve Noreika 3 Photos

      Submit your photos and open your own Gallery here!

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      Gas Monitors
      Hazardous Materials
      High Angle Rescue
      Smoke Evacuation
      Thermal Imaging
      Water Rescue
      Wildland Fire Gear

      Fire Memorabilia

      Fire Fighter Art
      Fire Fighter Awards
      Fire Fighter Gifts
      Fire Fighter Jewelry
      Fire Fighter Plaques
      Firefighter Calendars

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      End Tidal CO2
      Oral & Nasal Airways
      Oxygen Cylinders
      Oxygen Delivery


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      Extrication Vests
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